Over the last few months Precision Tracking Solutions has been working to implement a number of new features requested by clients. Please see below new updates that are now available

Indoor GPS

We have successfully integrated a new highly sensitive GPS engine into all TLoc case styles

Panic Button

We are able to supply a smaller version of our TLoc-1 product with a panic button and belt clip for lone workers. This version has the same long life and functionality as TLoc standard and a 1 year life

Vehicle Fit & Battery Back Up

We have developed a new power supply interface board so that units can be supplied without batteries for direct connection to Asset / Vehicle power supplies giving a low
cost GPRS/SMS tracking unit. Clients also have the option for the unit to be shipped with batteries so that if main power is disconnected TLoc reverts back to battery power ensuring constant tracking


Many companies are interested in tracking un powered assets such as trailers however roaming costs are prohibitive. TLoc automatically detects when it is outside the network and can be configured to automatically switch to a lower reporting frequency

Movement Sensor

All TLoc have the option of our standard movement sensor being fitted using one of the above input switches allowing detection of tow away or asset activation
“Input Switches”

All TLoc have 2 level triggered switch inputs that can be used for arming and activation of alarms and presence sense – door open/close sense , enable / disable

Battery Monitoring

We can supply TLoc , complete with GPS, as a remote battery monitoring system. TLoc constantly monitors power levels generating battery low level alarms through a back office portal