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Public Safety Professionals:
Use XMap and our PN-60 GPS to Plan and Coordinate the Search Response!

Search & Rescue Tools within XMap

Use XMap as your Incident Command Post mapping application to support search and rescue operations. XMap is ideal for preplanning scenarios so SAR teams are always ready. During SAR operations XMap can be used to collect field data such as Point Last Seen (PLS), Last Known Point (LKP), and areas searched to constantly update the search process based on clues found. Use XMap to facilitate redistribution of progression maps to the next search team shift. After suspension of a SAR operation, use XMap to critique the process and utilize the knowledge gained for future operations.

Most Popular Bundle for
Search & Rescue Use:

Earthmate PN-60 w/XMap GIS Editor, USA Topographic Data

               Earthmate GPS PN-60 with Topo North America

The rugged, reliable Earthmate PN-60 delivers next-generation GPS capabilities, plus DeLorme’s market-leading map and aerial imagery displays. DeLorme Topo North America desktop software and GPS maps are included, with comprehensive detail for all your favorite outdoor activities in the U.S and Canada. Aerial imagery, nautical charts, and supplemental USGS and Canada topo maps are also available.

Premium GPS Capabilities

  • High-sensitivity receiver with predictive GPS for fast satellite fix
  • Elevation profiles with your position pinpointed
  • 3-axis electronic compass; barometric altimeter
  • Battery-saving power management system
  • One-touch synchronization on GPS data exchanges
  • Customizable activity-based user settings
  • Waterproof (IPX7)
  • All the memory you need – 3.5 GB onboard, expandable to 32 GB via SD card
  • No waypoint or track limits – send to, read from SD card
  • Crystal-clear sunlight-readable screen; ergonomic design for one-handed operation
  • Easy push-button interface, proven reliable at the North Pole and Mt. Everest
  • WAAS-enabled
  • 2 AA batteries included

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Earthmate PN-60w – Rugged, Reliable GPS with Maps and Aerial Imagery Included


Navigate worry-free anywhere you go with the waterproof, impact-resistant PN-60w. Its high-end GPS features and unrivaled selection of included maps, aerial imagery, and boating charts are ideally suited for use on land or water.

The PN-60w also enables 2-way satellite text messaging and interactive SOS when paired with a DeLorme inReach.

No other GPS offers such a broad array of navigation and communication solutions.


Premium GPS features

  • Enjoy blazing-fast-performance with high-sensitivity 32-channel chipset and dual-core processor
  • Daylight readable 65k color screen lets you read the PN-60w in any light conditions
  • Determine direction while stationary with tilt-compensated 3-axis electronic compass
  • Determine precise elevations with sensitive barometric altimeter
  • Save waypoints and tracks as .gpx files, to internal memory or to SD cards, with no maximum limits
  • Store all the maps and aerial imagery you need with 3.5 GB of internal memory and support for SD cards up to 32 GB
  • Extend battery life with power management features


  • Plan your trips and find your way with included Topo North America software and GPS maps for the U.S. and Canada – see below
  • Use the free MapPack subscription to add official USGS and Canada government topo detail, U.S. aerial imagery,
  • Enjoy WAAS-enabled accuracy to within 10 ft.
  • View cutaway elevation profiles with your position pinpointed
  • Generate road and trail routes automatically on the included Topo North America software for transfer to the PN-60w
  • Use PN-60w onboard routing function to create “on the fly” road routes

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