Utility Vehicle Tracking System


GPS enabled, theft recovery unit that is installed in a concealed (stealth) location in your vehicle.

Once registered, users can effortlessly and in real-time locate their vehicle across the North American wireless data network and perform a variety of other unique and robust functions.Check out all the options available with our unit that will help you stay connected and in control of your vehicles.

With this system, users receive the immediate address, speed and direction the unit is heading and is able to send additional commands to lock/unlock doors and disable/enable the starter.

Key Features

  • Locate on Demand
  • 500 Locates Pooled
  • Starter Enable / Disable
  • Automatic Location Report
  • Drive Report
  • 6 Programmable Geo Zones Fences
  • Speed Alerts
  • USA, Mexico, Canada Maps
  • 3D Aerial Satellite Images
  • Optional Battery Backup
  • State of the Art Mapping and Imaging

Website users are able to see the unit location information in road map, 2D and 3D aerial view as well as a hybrid view (which is the aerial and map view combined).

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