Emergency Rescue System


The lightest and smallest PLB on the market with a massive 7 year battery replacement life, an industry  first 7 year warranty, a high intensity LED strobe and a ‘Non Hasmat’ battery pack for simple and cost effective transportation, all contributing to it’s unique advantage.

Consumers have long recognized the major benefits of 406 MHZ over the 121.5 MHZ device. The 406 MHZ is faster, more accurate detection, personal detection of each beacon, reduced area search resulting in faster more targeted response in life threatening situations. However until now the prohibited cost of the 406 MHz beacons has always been an issue.

With today’s cutting edge microprocessor technology we are able to provide a 406 MHz solution that is not only but provides advance peace of mind for those who require emergency assistance.

Modes of Operation

Activated: UHF (406) and VHF (homer) with high  intensity strobe and audible alert.

Self Test: Comprehensive internal diagnostics with  audible and operator feed-back. UHF test  message  (inverted synchronization compatible with portable beacon testers). GPS Satellite acquisition test.

Activation: Automatically when antenna is deployed.

Duration: In access of 24 hours at 4 F (-20 C) longer at ambient temperature.

Dimensions: 5.3″ x 2.8″ x 1.5″

System Features

  1. 7 Year Battery Life
  2. 7 Year Warranty
  3. GPS Assisted Accuracy and 1st fix within 35 seconds.
  4. High Visibility Strobe Light
  5. Unique Technology – No Warm Up Period.
  6. Featherweight, Compact and Robust Construction.
  7. Digital 406 MHZ, 5 Watt Transmission and Homing Signal.
  8. COSPAS-SARSAT Worldwide Operation.
  9. Sealed Waterproof Design.
  10. National and International Approvals.
  11. Retention Strap and Fully Buoyant Design reduces Risk of Loss.
  12. Complete with Protective Carry Case.
  13. Includes U.S. Morris ‘P’

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