5 Year Battery Power Tracking System


TLoc-5 lasts 5 years entirely on internal power due to our unique efficient power design that only consumes micro amps in sleep mode. TLoc awakes at predetermined intervals which are entirely configurable storing GPS information to flash to be sent over the GSM network by SMS to your base station. Parameters such as GPS and GSM frequency are all configurable by incoming SMS/GPRS messages. Default setting for TLoc is 4 hour reporting. Message payloads are easily integrated into any back office mapping software, we have a dedicated team

TLoc is a robust self contained battery powered track and trace unit which provides cost-efficient and reliable asset tracking / management. TLoc can also be used for both remote monitoring and data logging applications. Unlike conventional wired vehicle fit systems TLoc requires no external connections, is easy to fit and is very cost effective. Message frequency and payload are all configurable. TLoc can be used to locate and compile a history of any asset for example: trailers, rolling stock, containers, plant, hire equipment, pleasure craft, delivery vehicles and freight.

TLoc Key Features

  • On board configurable Geo fence
  • 2 digital I/O so that external switches/sensors can be utilised e.g. door switch, movement sensor. Sensors wake the unit alerting clients when an event has occurred or client specified parameters have been exceeded.
  • The unit can be configured to report to a different telephone number and/or use a different report protocol for ALARM messages.
  • Messages can be sent to mobile phones
  • PTS TLoc can be sent a command which will cause it to return the data logs to the caller
  • In addition to its normal SMS and PDU based messaging, the unit can be configured to use GPRS for sending reports and receiving commands
  • Low cost complete hardware solution requiring no external wiring
  • Single payload can deliver last 6 positions (configurable)
  • Installation in moments using magnets, gull wings or 3M tape
  • Contains quad band modem for worldwide use
  • Reporting frequency can be changed over air
  • Alarm mode can be activated if asset is stolen (unit reports every 5 minutes)
  • Inconspicuous design in an IP67 rated case

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