Mobile Resource Management System


Monitor Real-Time Workforce Performance

  • Add job sites and route stops to track vehicle locations, deliveries and bases.
  • Trigger alerts on driver and vehicle behavior:
  • - Activity
  • - Inactivity
  • - Speeding
  • - Long & Hard Stop
  • - Late Start
  • - Excess Idle
  • - Towing
  • - PTO activity
  • - Tamper alert
  • Select preferred alert delivery method – email or SMS.
  • Multi-lingual help desk and user interface web site
  • Open Source Server Platform
  • 47 Different Reports Available
  • Garmin Interface

Business Intelligence Insight Across Your Fleet

  • Manage your fleet using automated and custom reporting and analytics.
  • Full visibility into travel and stop times, vehicle route history, speeding, mileage and maintenance.
  • Compare vehicle and driver performance across the fleet to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Track month-to-month operational and business trends.
  • Highlight exceptions with color-coded thresholds.
  • Set your definition for a vehicle “stop” to track key events.
  • Breadcrumb trails on each vehicle.
  • Garmin integration and messaging back and forth

Track & Dispatch Vehicles

  • Industry-leading street and satellite mapping.
  • Group sub-segments within a fleet and color code for rapid identification.
  • Select exactly what Vehicle and Driver information you want to see.
  • Route and optimize directions based on vehicle location.
  • Maintain and track vehicle service records.

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